CAT-AMANIA integrates your business in the digital world by partnering with the best software editors and by investing since its inception in the latest Java technologies.

CAT-AMANIA is a digital services company specializing in large-scale projects oriented business, especially in the areas of Banking, Insurance, Great Distribution and Social Protection.

Our regional teams located throughout France, accompany you from the beginning of your project until its production start, regardless of the size of your needs. We have domain experts to assist your project team in expressing his needs, in his decision making and project driving. Our technical teams can help you realize your prototypes, guide your choices of architecture and your investments in physical or virtual infrastructures and the networks. Our service center "CMS" has a production capacity adaptable to all your needs in terms of flat-rate implementation, application maintenance and support for contributors. Finally, our senior consultants support your project management at every stage of the software production process by creating a solid bridge between users and technical teams, essential step in CMS project success.


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