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Traditionally, marketers have focused on creativity and design to drive strategy — but as consumer expectations shift, marketers must also shift.
Today, marketers must harness the power of both creativity and technology when determining how to engage with customers. With the proper technology implementation, you can use data to build unique customer profiles and get the right content to the right people at the right time.
In this webinar from Jahia and MarketingProfs, you'll learn:
  • Which short- and long-term tactics to use for digital transformation and optimization
  • How to "2020-proof" your marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond
  • How IT and Marketing synergy results in positive customer experiences Why successful implementation of the right technology is critical today

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What is Jahia?

At its core, Jahia is a Digital Experience Platform (or DXP) focused on empowering you to deliver personalized customer journeys powered by data. This is accomplished in three ways:
  • A Content Management System (or CMS) to manage your content on a global scale
  • A Customer Data Platform (or CDP) that allows you to track and segment target audiences for a full 360° customer view
  • An Integration Hub that unifies your content, data, and applications into one cohesive marketing stack


Jahia helps our small team achieve big goals. With an IT team of 17 people supporting a $16 billion business, efficient and effective technology is key to ensuring we hit our targets. Jahia is an important part of that.

– Carl Collin, VP Engineering, Architecture and Delivery, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime

Integrates With 400+ of Your Favorite Apps

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Jahia can be customized to fit the needs of Marketers and Developers through additional applications and add-ons, all through our App Store.


Choose from over 400 native connectors or create your own. And with our drag & drop tool, you can build integrations in minutes.


Jahia’s Cloud is HIPAA & ISO 27001 certified. That means you get the security you need without the upfront expenses.


Jahia guarantees an industry-leading 99.9% product uptime, along with fully-automated backup and restore, zero downtime platform upgrades, and 24/7 customer support.