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Our Public App Store for modules compatible with Digital Factory 7 is growing. It will take some time to convert all modules and register them. We invite all members of the community to convert there modules to OSGi bundles and upload them in this store to share them with other members.


Latest 6.6 modules submited by the community


Markup Validator


Validate your page markup with the W3C Markup Validation Service directly inside Jahia even while developing locally.


Elastic Search node indexer


This module allows you to index any Jahia node type in ElasticSearch.
It extends the jmix:list, so indexation can be activated on any jmx:list by providing an elasticsearch index name.

Two factor authentication


This module allows to secure the authentication process into jahia by adding a two factor mecvhanism. It works with all autentication valves. This module ranked n°1 in the JahiaOne 2014 Developer contest.


Global search and replace


The global replace module find and replace occurences of a string in content starting from a node in the JCR. After finding content, user can decide to perform replacement on one or several contents.