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Agile developers

The end of the tunnel effect: develop in short iterative cycles perfectly aligned with business validations

Autonomous marketers

Take control over brand consistency, authoring, mobile channels, socialization and engagement.

Reliable CIO

Secure the integration within existing IS, leverage existing business apps, control deployments projects after projects

Best Enterprise Java CMS

CMS Critic recognizes Jahia as the Best Enterprise Java CMS and the Best SMB Java CMS for 2014.

MoreJahia is a leading open source User Experience Platform vendor, relentlessly working at transforming a siloed industry into a user-driven one, beyond technology constraints.

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Apple Watch and Digital Factory: Versatility in Action!


Check out this new example of integration: Digital Factory and the upcoming Apple Watch!

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Some Customer Feedback


"There are very few things you CAN'T do With Jahia"

“JahiaOne was a fantastic event. Not only were we given insight into Jahia’s roadmap, but the customer testimonials were incredibly inspiring. It was great to see so many potential uses for Jahia. I can’t wait to put them to use.” Says Taylor Pratt, Manager of the Product SEM team at HomeAway.

And he knows a lot about Jahia: over 50 different domains are on Jahia, in over 20 different languages!

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Flexible, scalable and proven international capabilities

These are the reasons why Abercrombie & Fitch selected Jahia back in 2006 to start a grand overhaul of the way they exchange information, expose their brands and ensure a constant and equal level of quality in their stores all over the globe. Since then, the internationally renown apparel company has equipped its 10,000+ stores in 20 countries with a Jahia-based intranet that helps serve you in every point of sale of the group. Our technology backs up many other great projects for you to discover.

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European Parliament:

Nearly 90 Jahia Projects since 2004

Talking about customer loyalty, please meet the European Parliament! They have been a customer and an active supporter of Jahia since 2004. Now they have 82 intranets and 7 internet sites running our technologies. Not to mention upcoming projects.

Discover an overview of the many projects carried out at The European Parliament on Jahia, since 2004.

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The best way to expose our region-compliant product catalog throughout the world

Socomec, a manufacturer providing expert solutions for LV electrical networks, manages its 251 Product descriptions over 21 Sites, in 14 Languages, with Jahia. And - of course - each of their products has to meet the local electrical regulations, and only the right version of the product has to be displayed on the regional site. In the local language. Checkout out this great project

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