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You want to discover Digital Experience Manager?

Our Demo pack is the best way to do it: Digital Experience Manager comes with a full demo site that allows you play with the product and discover its great features:

It is the best way to get our beautiful DIGITALL DEMO without any application server / database installation.
Discover the beautiful authoring interface of Digital Experience Manager. As a production-like installation, please be aware that the Jahia Studio is not available on this package.

How-to Install the Demo Package

This package works for windows, linux and Mac OS X (including Maverick)

  1. Unzip the archive on your PC or Mac. On PC, please unzip it on C:/ or similar, NOT on your desktop.
  2. Launch your instance using the "./” command on Mac or Linux or "start.bat" on Windows
  3. Open a browser, go to http://localhost:8080/, you should see our DIGITALL demo. 
  4. Click on "Login". ROOT credentials are: user: root password: root
  5. Click on the root name (top - right) and switch edit mode or select the new user dashboard interface.

NB: to stop you Digital Experience Manager instance, use the "./” command on Mac or Linux or "stop.bat" on Windows

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