Content Management System

Manage scale and delivery from one headless-enabled source


As more organizations need to satisfy diverse, global audiences with personalized digital content, scale gains critical importance. Content must be delivered in multiple languages, across multiple sites, all while being managed by multiple, autonomous groups focused on the needs of their local customers.  

A joint research facility supported by 22 countries, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), faced this very issue as they attempted to deliver content-rich experiences that could be overseen by multiple authors and staff without sacrificing interoperability or flexibility. 


The stack

jContent, with its comprehensive content, media, and local site management functionalities, integrates easily with emerging and existing technologies to more easily manage all of your content and deliver it across channels around the world. jContent ensures that each piece is reusable and can be localized -- locally! This is true whether the implementation is headless or not, both of which jContent supports.

Especially for the ESRF, bringing a system in that can easily manage global content and keep it in one central repository was key to ensuring that it can quickly be reused and repurposed as needed across all sites. Furthermore, Jahia’s ability to integrate with their current systems meant that they would be able to build upon what they already had in place, rather than forcing them to start from scratch.


Implementing a new CMS solution can often be a time-consuming process that is done in stages, especially when dealing with topics such as content migration and system integration. In ESRF’s case, they paced Jahia’s implementation by how their organization could handle the load. The first step was to migrate both of their websites onto Jahia alongside the content they already had in place, with their extranet and intranet following shortly afterward. After that was completed, they focused on developing a new website design utilizing Jahia. 

The key to all of this was Jahia’s modularity, which meant they could take their time making the changes as Jahia’s solution would grow along with them.



“The modularity of the DX software and the possibility to implement templates that are very close to the original design have ensured that our website rises to this challenge.” – Marie Robichon, ESRF Web CMS Manager
  • Unified Customer Experience
  • Cloud-based, Headless-enabled
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Fully-Scalable
  • Multi-language Capabilities
  • Seamless Integrations