Online Training

2 days

This FREE training will cover  a functional overview, all developer basics and the development of templates.

Estimated duration 2 days
Mode Online


Functional overview (mix of presentation and videos, hands-on exercises)

  •  The User Dashboard
  •  The Edit Mode (Content Types, Content Creation, Page Management, Content Views, Multi-lingual Content, Content Deletion, Publication)
  •  Content Administration (Metadata, SEO, Tags, Categories, Permissions and Roles, Versioning, Visibility Settings, Workflow)
  •  Channels
  •  Out of context content
  •  Search
  •  Managers (Content, Document, Site, Tag)
  •  The Contribute Mode

Developer Basics

  •  Jahia technical architecture Overview
  •  Module Development Overview
  •  Module creation
  •  Content Objects Definition
  •  Module Deployment
  •  Mixins
  •  Rendering Scripts
  •  Internationalization and Resource Bundles
  •  Choice lists (basic initializers and renderers)
  •  URL Handling
  •  Fragments handling
  •  Caching

Template development

  •  Jahia technical concepts
  •  Jahia Studio GUI
  •  Template management for existing template sets and modules
  •  Custom template set creation
  •  Simple HTML mockup integration