jExperience Integration Training

1 day

This training allows developers to understand and action jExperience integration capabilities.


Duration 1 day
Attendance Developers that need to integrate or extend jExperience
Prerequisites Certified Jahia developer
Good knowledge of Javascript development
Development environment with Jahia and jExperience installed and running on it
Objectives Know how to integrate jExperience with third party systems
Know how to collect more data
Know how to add custom rules, actions, endpoints, personalizations and optimizations programmatically
Know how to anticipate the impact of personalization of a website from a developer standpoint
Mode On-site
5 persons max. per sessions
Pricing and conditions CHF 1,390 ($ 1,390) (1,100€) per participant - 5 people max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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This training allows a developer to:

  •  Understand jExperience architecture
  •  Have an overview of jExperience functionalities
  •  Know how to extend a visitor profile and programmatically push data in it
  •  Know how to extend  jExperience with new rules and actions