jExperience - Functional training

1 day

This training allows a Jahia editor to understand and take over all jExperience standard features.


Duration 1 day
Mode On-site
Pricing and conditions CHF 1,390 ($ 1,390) (1 100€) per participant - 5 people max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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This training allows a Jahia DX editor to understand and take over all Marketing Factory standard features. It covers the following items:

  • Presentation of the analytics tools
  • Management of anonymous and identified profiles
  • Segmentation based on demographic and contextual data
  • Definition of marketing goals (page view, form submissions, downloads, ..) to measure the site performance
  • Campaigns tracking
  • Scoring plan setting and score modification
  • Personalization setting
  • A/B Testing setting
  • Profile actions trigger setting
  • Profiles export/import setting
  • Marketing Factory components presentation