Jahia Functional Training

1 day

This training allows editors and site administrators to take charge of Jahia from site creation to content publication.


Duration 1 day
Mode On-site
Pricing and conditions CHF 1,100 ($ 1,100) (990€) per participant - 5 participants max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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This training covers the following topics:

For contributors:

  •  Presentation and use of the user’s dashboard
  •  Explanation of the different Jahia modes
  •  Content management
    •  Creation of pages and content
    •  Publication of pages and contents
    •  Modification of the content layout
    •  Content translation
  •  Presentation of the edit engine tabs
  •  Presentation of the toolbar
  •  Presentation of the selector

For administrators:

  •  Presentation of server administration UI
  •  Presentation of the site administration UI