1 day

This training allows a Jahia developer to know how to use the native functionalities of Forms and to be able to extend the module.

Duration 1 day
Attendance Jahia developer
Pre-requisite Know-how for contribution on Jahia
Have a runing Jahia instance with Forms module downloaded on the instance
IDE available on training computer
Basic knowledge of AngularJS 1.x
Objective Master functional use of Forms
Ability to extend Forms
Mode On-site
Pricing and conditions CHF 1,390 ($ 1,390) (1 100€) per participant - 5 people max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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It covers the following items:

  • Functional usage of Forms
  • Creation of custom form layouts
  • Creation of custom input fields
  • Adding custom actions when submitting a form
  • Adding custom validation rules on input fields