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Developing a personal relationship with your prospects is critical to growing your sales pipeline. With Jahia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), creating personalized content to attract and convert leads has never been easier.

Powered by real-time data, Jahia enables you to create personalized dynamic content and run A/B tests for refinement and optimization. Finally, enhance your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs for Marketing and Sales and turn leads into customers with 1:1 microsites.


Attract Prospects with Content Tailored to Them

Create captivating content that is tailored to your target audiences. Jahia’s simple-to-use visual content editor makes it easy to create new content, build dynamic personalizations, and run A/B tests that aren't limited to your website. The content you create is platform-agnostic so you can make sure the experience your prospects see in their email inbox is consistent with the experience on the website.

With an underlying Customer Data Platform (CDP) that tracks web visitor engagement data and integrates with your existing martech stack, you can build audience segments and personalization using all of your customer and prospect data. With a 360° user profile, you can optimize your content strategy and attract more high-quality prospects.

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Nurture Leads with Personalized Journeys

Your prospects want to feel welcome on your website. The ability to optimize content for their journey is a great tool to attract prospects to your brand and convert those prospects into leads. Surface content and resources that resonate with your prospects and their goals by using data stored in Jahia’s underlying CDP.

You can tailor journeys based on location, session, device, or any custom property. This could mean displaying videos first on your resource center when a user has previously interacted with videos. Or it could mean highlighting specific use-cases or features that speak to their job role. Encourage your leads to continue engaging with your brand by delivering content that is personalized to them.

Build personalized journeys

Turn Leads into Customers with Full-View Profiles

Your entire martech stack is generating data and it can all be used to benefit your sales and marketing engine. That’s why Jahia offers StackConnect - our integration hub offering more than 400 connectors to the most popular martech applications on the market. By leveraging data from across your entire ecosystem, you can create experiences that speak to leads at every step of the funnel. A highly-tailored experience with your brand, such as a microsite personalized for each of your target accounts, can make all the difference in that final push to transform them into a paying customer.

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Platform Highlights

visual content interface

Visual Content Interface

With WYSIWYG editing, drag & drop and quick copy/paste capabilities for all your content types - make it fast & simple for your authors, editors, collaborators and translators with a visually engaging and easy to use content interface.

data-driven content

Data-Driven Content

Content is key, but it's only half of the equation. Leverage our embedded CDP to get the most out of your content — with personalizations, score plans and segmentations driven by user profiles that capture behavioral, geo-location and custom data.


Personalized User Journeys

Create user journeys with a consistent narrative across all your digital channels. Jahia DXP enables you to create dynamic, personalized content to engage with your audience and move leads down the funnel.

one platform connected connected experiences

Maximize your Ecosystem

Our integration tool, StackConnect, offers 400+ low code bi-directional integrations to the most popular business applications on the market. Ensure you get the most out of your entire application ecosystem by maintaining a consistent user record. Use this data to build trust and engage your audience with powerful customer experiences.