Account-Based Marketing
Made Simple

Engage your Prospects with
Personalized ABM Experiences

Personalized engagements are the heart of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) success. With Jahia’s segmentation, personalization, and integration capabilities, you can effectively create targeted, orchestrated omni-channel experiences that speak directly to the influencers and decision-makers in your key accounts.


Data-Driven Segmentation for Targeted Accounts

Strong segmentation results in strong ABM programs. To achieve success from ABM, you need to ensure your customer segments are appropriately defined. With Jahia, segmentation is simple and dynamic. Segments are easy to create and are consistently updated using real-time data. Segments can utilize engagement data, company information, or any custom field. You can also use interest tracking and lead scoring that’s built into Jahia DXP.

But you aren’t limited to data in Jahia, take advantage of integrations to the most popular business applications like Marketo, Salesforce, Clearbit, ZoomInfo and 400 others to include data and insights from across your tech stack.

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Maintain Customer Engagement with Personalized Web Content

Quickly tailor personalized user journeys for each of your prospects and customers. You can personalize individual content pieces or entire web pages. And because Jahia is an open solution, you can personalize web pages that are not even built on the Jahia CMS. No matter where the content lives, it can be personalized with Jahia.

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Build Relationships with Multiple Touchpoints

The power of ABM comes from providing highly targeted and relevant content to your most valuable prospects. These high quality interactions make it easy to build great relationships. In order to provide those highly valuable and relevant experiences, you need to maintain a consistent customer profile across email, websites, portals, and applications. Jahia’s centralized platform is channel agnostic, so you can quickly spin up and deliver fresh experiences on your most important digital channels. With Jahia, your content will remain consistent across all devices and delivery methods thanks to our embedded Customer Data Platform (CDP) which tracks all data points and user events.

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Platform Highlights

highly-targeted experiences

Segment Target Accounts

Harness Jahia to build prospect and customer profiles that leverage custom properties, user events and engagement data from across your application ecosystem. Use these profiles to create dynamic segments so you can easily target high value accounts with engaging customer experiences.

personalized user journeys

Personalized User Journeys

Create user journeys with a consistent narrative across all your digital channels. Jahia DXP enables you to create dynamic, personalized content to engage with your audience and move leads down the funnel.

multi-channe delivery

Multi-Channel Delivery

Jahia content is channel agnostic — you can quickly spin up new delivery channels, while leveraging a centralized content management platform to ensure brand-consistent messaging across all devices and delivery methods.

maximize ROI with operational analytics

Maximize ROI with Operational Analytics

Jahia comes with a full analytics suite to track user interest and conversions, so you can optimize your account based strategy. Maximize customer satisfaction and ROI by refining personalization rules and content in-platform reports.