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At each phase of your project, the Professional Services Team help you get the most of our platform - FAST

Get access to our core product expertise: We help our customers turn business ideas into successful and sustainable digital achievements by providing online technical assistanceconsulting and training. Your technology staff will acquire extensive product and development best practices through working alongside our experts and Jahia's development team. Get confidence in knowing that you will be up and running faster and safer. Optimize and leverage all benefits of the usage of our Enterprise Jahia distributions: stop spending, invest!

In addition, Jahia's certified partner network is key to quality implementations and to our international development: you can rely on complementary professional services offering of Certified Jahia partners around the world. And by certified, we mean "trained by Jahia experts and operational". Because of their trusted and validated skills on our platform, Jahia Professional Services never tries to compete with our Certified Partners.


Comprehensive training curriculums

  • Developer training (FREE, online course)
  • System Administrator
  • Official Developer Certification
  • Official Expert Certification

Customs training are also available upon request.

Developer Pack

  • 10 hours of online technical assistance
  • Unlimited and free development instances

Technical consulting

  • Dedicated and planned expert to help on advanced integration troubleshooting, performance, fine tuning.
  • On-site expertise