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Delivering Personalized Headless Experiences with Jahia

April 25, 2019

At Jahia, we know that a true digital experience is not managed by an overly-complicated suite but several products and services, all brought together by our agency partners to deliver unexpected, delightful interactions. We call this making digital simpler.

This webinar will take you through our unique perspective on the market, highlighting the key values we bring to our partners and customers, as well as what to expect from us in the future.

Watch the Webinar

Personalized Experiences: Crawl, Walk, Run

June 6, 2019

It's a well-known fact that personalization can help increase engagement and conversions by giving your consumers a more relevant experience. However, most marketers are not taking full advantage of it, as planning and execution often result in "analysis paralysis."

Watch this webinar to equip yourself with the tools and know-how to devise and maintain powerful personalization efforts.