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Ars Logica Compass Guide to WCM, Q2 2020

In an independent evaluation, Ars Logica ranked Jahia first overall in its technical evaluation and second in architectural flexibility. This report takes a deep dive into how Ars Logica came to these conclusions, including an in-depth analysis of Jahia’s software and what makes it unique amongst all other WCM vendors.

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Forrester Now Tech: Web Content Management Systems, Q4 2018

A Web Content Management System (Web CMS) helps improve content processes, maximize content reuse across multiple channels, and deliver relevant experiences at scale. The list of vendors that offer Web CMS solutions are diverse and vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus. Download this Forrester Now Tech report to get a glimpse at the value you can expect from a web CMS provider, and to help you select a vendor based on your varied criteria!

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Data Privacy In A Post-GDPR World

February 5, 2020

With customer data privacy now at the forefront of the DXP conversation, courtesy of laws like GDPR and similar forthcoming legislation, many companies are still scrambling to figure out how to adjust their business practices to meet these new compliance requirements.

Jahia's Elie Auvray, along with co-writer Kristina Podnar, take a deep dive into the wide-ranging impacts of the 2018 GDPR law, including how companies have adjusted to the new requirements, what technologies have had the biggest impact, and how these new laws actually benefit those looking to build long-term, trust-based relationships with their customers.

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Getting Started With Java-Based CMS

Learn how developers are using Java-based content management systems (CMS) to quickly craft and deploy content-enabled digital experiences, how to choose the right CMS for your Java application, and how to put a modern CMS into practice.

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A comprehensive guide to Customer Data Platforms

In order to build a trusting relationship, customers need to understand what brands do with their data and give approval for them to use it.
In this guide, you'll understand that achieving a single, unified customer view will help reach that end goal.
Learn how a CDP can deliver a unified experience for your business. Let's dive deep into the world of CDPs and get all the information and tools you need to become an expert.