Jahia Headless
Digital Experience Platform

Content, Data, Personalization and Search GraphQL APIs with Next.JS!

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The current CMS / DXP market is challenging

Big vendors suites are falling behind


  • They don’t provide the required agility for organizations

  • Developers can't use the technologies they want

  • Learning curve for developers is too high

The Headless CMS world has strong limitations


  • Content authors are left on the side - The in-context editing experience is poor or non-existent

  • Relies on insufficient third-party integrations to provide search and content personalization

  • Forces organizations to use many solutions to manage their website

Headless that works for developers and business users

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Get all the benefits of Headless

Launch faster

Empower small teams to tackle projects quickly.

Use Next.js

React.js, Static Site Generation and amazing web performances at a fingertip. Leverage the Jahia Javascript SDK to add content management and personalization React components to your Single Page Application.

Leverage state of the art Jahia APIs

GraphQL Content API, personalized content API, full-text Search API, Customer Data API... All endpoints that you need to build complex websites in headless, from one vendor! 

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... And delight your business users 

  • Visual, in context editing. Editors see the webpage that they're editing 

  • Clear view and understanding of the site structure

  • AB Testing, personalization, analytics and segmentation with our embedded real time Customer Data Platform

  • Built-in SEO fields, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, vanity URLs

  • Easy reuse of content across different sites

  • Manage up to 30 languages per site!

  • Define authenticated experiences, protect access to content when needed in a few clicks

  • Full text search, available out of the box, from day 1



Rely on Jahia's track record


Jahia already serves more than 100 milions API calls every month, for 120+ global brands


Jahia is trusted for its multi-site/multi-language capabilities by many brands


Jahia is ISO 27001, HIPAA and GDPR compliant and meets the most rigorous security requirements


Jahia is a leading contributor to the open source project Apache Unomi, our built-in CDP



Trusted by 120+ global brands

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