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Workspace Factory 3.0 manages projects, tasks and workflows easily, assimilates saved content via email into shared, living documents and aligns team focus on project outcomes.


Workspace Factory 3.0 surfaces subject matter expertise, making the most of what your people know by encouraging collaboration from all employees and making business-critical decisions with collective insight.


Regardless of location, time of day or device, team members can access documents in unlimited workspaces, see the activity stream real-time and support transparency – as well as accuracy – in workflow.

Optimize Your People Power

A hybrid application that features document sharing, collaboration and social business.

Workspace Factory – a leading-edge digital workplace – powers your in-house teams to effectively streamline projects, content marketing initiatives and operations, surface opportunities and optimize ‘group-think’ capability.

With collaborative spaces, business can become more responsive to business threats, complete key projects faster, reduce time to market for new products and improve employee satisfaction.


Transformation Is A Paradigm Shift

Going digital matches the speed of business in today’s complex environment.

Going digital matches the speed of business in today’s complex environment.

Organizations of all size and complexity are upleveling their productivity, performance and profits by empowering digital workflow.

Employees, content authors, users and stakeholders can access intelligence and online tools in this real-time digital workplace to maximize opportunities, efficiency and collaborative expertise while reducing time to market.

True digital enterprise goes beyond forward-facing customer elements to include operations, systems and infrastructure in providing value to the end customer.

Digital enterprise delivers on your promise with integrated digital tools, applications and interfaces that unite both your in-house teams and your customers for unified journey from their respective points of view. "Forrester defines this as "Social Business".

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Key Features


Built on Jahia’s core platform, Digital Experience Manager, Workspace Factory’s feature scope has been designed to simplify everyday life for digital teams. Collaboration, document sharing and editing, and content publication is efficient and happens without the burden of learning a complex enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

Document Management

Store, manage and track electronic documents and images with drag and drop functionality, mass import with auto- tagging and author check-in and -out permissions.

Workflow & Tasks

Manage workflow, tasks and project calendaring easily. Validate documents before publication. Add content- and workflow- related tasks to your team members for optimal productivity.

Advanced Search

Find your content quickly in any file with varying criteria by using faceted filtering (tags, categories, dates, collections). Index quickly and gain maximum detail through auto-tagging.

Content Publishing

Stage, produce and publish content to Digital Experience Manager. Lock-in / lock-out functionality prevents cross- publishing confusion. Integrate content seamlessly across all your sites.

Collaborate & Share

Enjoy simple, efficient enterprise document sharing and editing. Add notes to projects or content, start a discussion or poll, post a wiki entry, share collections or even subscribe to updates.

Email Assimilation:

Clip and share interesting articles and notes from the internet to your project space via email. Upload all types of content - regardless of source or format - while on the go with easy functionality.

Personal Hub:

Enhanced security through permission rights for personal user dashboards. Access all relevant information from project spaces, workflow activities, assigned tasks and personal information.

Device Responsive:

Access Workspace Factory while on the go from any device that has a screen and an internet connection. Easy interaction and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling.

Integration & Set-Up:

Built on open source, standards-based technology, Workspace Factory integrates seamlessly with third-party tools like Microsoft Office, can be set up in just minutes and leverages Bootstrap templates.

Work On The Go - Digitally!

Any Device + Internet Connection + Workspace Factory = High-Performance Teamwork




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