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The Jahia developer tools supports developers by providing easy access to the development side of Digital Experience Manager for faster, smoother productivity and seamless deployment of projects on your environments.



For more information, you can download our brochure about Digital Experience Manager's architecture.

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Globally Cohesive TeamsMultiple developers in different locations can work simultaneously.

Long gone are the days when digital projects were built by just one developer or a small team working in one location. Geographically distributed development teams can work together on the same projects and see the same code with the integrated source repository and re-syncing. The Jahia Studio - a dynamic, Java-based visual experience builder - helps build any user experience, including mobile ones.

Sustainable DevelopmentDevelop faster, re-use and share your code. Benefit from the community's developments.

Create and manage your own component library: once validated, store your developments (modules, components, templates etc.) on your Private AppStore and re-use them from one project to the next. You will find 300+ customizable components available in Jahia’s Public AppStore.

Secured DeploymentsDeploy simultaneously across multiple sites with no server restart.

The OSGi integration allows the hot-deployment of modules with limited downtime and without server restarts. OSGi is the most mature dynamic Java module technology and allows developers to control the encapsulation of modules and dependencies. New tools enable developers to manipulate modules’ runtime state or query the system for the status of modules and services.

Agile DevelopmentRemove bottlenecks, shorten development cycles and accelerate projects.

The Jahia Studio reduces time-to-market by removing workflow bottlenecks, decreasing the development cycle (between business need, development, validation and deployment). Templates can be modified on the fly and redeployed instantly on one or multiple websites - at the same time.

Don't reinvent the Wheel

Industrialize your development distribution through replicable, scalable, proven code

With your own AppStore, once new projects are completed or new features are available, deployment is  no longer the bottleneck for production teams. Now, your team can access previously written modules to shorten the development cycle and stay focused on the project(s) at hand.

You can also access pre-written modules on the Jahia Public AppStore, where you will find 300+ customizable components. Do not spend your resources - invest them!

The Jahia Studio

A dynamic Java-based visual experience builder

It allows you to dynamically build any user experience, including mobile ones. Unique in the market, the Jahia Studio makes Digital Experience Manager far more powerful and productive than any other web content management or portal platform on the market. Through a graphical user interface (GUI) fully consistent with the authoring interface, it is possible to build and rearrange templates, set the behavior, insert pre-defined content or widgets, and then deploy those templates in seconds to impact one, several or all your sites. In conjunction with the flexible modules mechanism, the Jahia Studio is a true visual User Experience builder.



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