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Each of your visitors deserves a tailored experience while browsing your site. Digital Experience Manager provides a variety of solutions to engage visitors and make the online experience unique to each user, based on their profile, the device used to access content and other implicit or explicit parameters. However, the user experience is always better when site visitors fully engage with your website, your community and / or your products. Being able to start a discussion with your visitors or enabling visitors to interact together under your guidelines is key for your digital strategy. Digital Experience Manager makes it all possible in a very easy way.


Digital Experience Manager's free forum application can be deployed on your platform and be used to create as many discussion rooms as needed on your websites.

A forum remains one of the favorite digital destinations for customers to exchange views and share opinions, even now when social networks are popular because they create a more intimate and trusted environment.



Do you need a multi-author blog on your corporate website? A standalone blog about a new product? A unique blog with multiple authors or one that offers each individual his / her own blogging space on your system? With its streamlined editing principles, any user can manage a Digital Experience Manager-powered blog within minutes without training.

Blogging remains a very powerful way of sharing ideas and promote your products or brands in a less conventional fashion, which tends to be popular among users. The blogging module is free of charge and, as with any Digital Experience Manager module, it can be modified and tailored to your functional or technical requirements or design.


Any page or content item can become ready to receive comments in less than 10 seconds using Digital Experience Manager. Just plug-and-play the "comments" widget in your page (one-time usage) or in your template (so the widget will appear on all the pages sharing this template) and link this comment widget to the content on which users can comment.

Keep the comments for yourself or drag-and-drop the "list of comments" widget if you want to display them in the page to your visitors. You are done! It is that easy. 



Do you want to collect your visitors' opinion on a particular topic, get your co-workers to agree before a delicate choice or share the decision process with a group of key individuals? Digital Experience Manager is bundled with a simple-to-use Poll widget. Select the component, drag it onto your page, type the question and the possible, authorized answers - it is just that simple.


User-based ratings help you improve the overall perception of your website and increase the quality of rated content items. Any page or piece of content can be subject to ratings.

By default, Digital Experience Manager ships with a five-stars rating system that can be linked to any content you want. Developers can easily customize this module to create different rating systems (i.e., value-based ratings, thumbs up / down, etc.).



With Digital Experience Manager, syndicating content across multiple delivery channels is as easy as ABC. Any content item can be delivered in any format you need (such as text, HTML, XML or even more advanced formats) to a distant platform.

Publishing RSS feeds takes only seconds - just drag a widget, select the scope of the items to syndicate and your content becomes available online in real time.


Built-in Forms

The Digital Experience Manager platform is bundled with various pre-defined forms such as contact forms, registration forms and job application forms for quick and easy integration into your pages.

Your digital teams can also create new "ready-to-use" forms and make them available for your platform once and for all. Depending on your needs, they can fine-tune their processing as precisely as needed: store the form data inside or outside Digital Experience Manager, send data by email, pop-up an alert window, insert into a database or your  customer relationship manager (CRM), start a workflow or combine all the above simultaneously. 

Custom Forms

You can also collect users' input with your own custom forms using Digital Experience Manager's visual form builder, efficiently reducing the need to call IT whenever your authors or marketers need to put up a new form on their web sites in a hurry.

Just about anyone can create a new form by simply dragging and dropping fields, ordering them as wished and deciding how data should be processed after submission with pre-defined actions.


Social networks integration

Your company's digital presence does not end with your website(s). On the contrary, it is only a start and you have to be present everywhere on the web with a consistent identity and offer a compelling experience to your customers. Social networks provide a quick and interactive way to engage your customers.

Digital Experience Manager offers social modules to interact with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or YouTube and it is easy to extend the platform to produce and push content to other social networks or just process social content on your site to customize each visit.



Staying in touch with your prospects and customers is essential to your success, digital or not. The Digital Experience Manager Newsletter module enables marketers to create as many newsletters as they want, drag and drop subscription forms in site pages, manage their users lists and send newsletter issues.

Newsletter templates are built into the Jahia Studio, similar to templates; therefore, it is easy to re-use existing design items and layouts, use hand-made content or automatically retrieve content. A newsletter can be generic or personalized and based on subscribers' preferences. 


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