The Jahia External Data Provider

The cornerstone to connect external sources

Expose any external silos

Thanks to the External Data Provider, organizations can expose their data silos (using custom or standardized data providers such as CMIS) and enrich them with additional content into secured digital portals, without duplicating or re-writing data sources.

The External Data Provider is a Digital Experience Manager (DX) core service developed by Jahia which enables developers to declare bridges between internal content and external repositories without copy, duplication or synchronization. With the External Data Provider, external data can be accessed, manipulated and searched as if they were directly stored in the DX repository. All external and internal data can benefit from the powerful layout building features of the Jahia Studio. Content authors, in Edit Mode, will be able to use this content transparently, leveraging the same DX graphical user interface (GUI) with which they are familiar. 


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