Deliver Personalization

Better adapt to meet the needs of a changing customer base


Customer experience is key, while customer delight is the goal. Nevertheless, many companies fall into trap of lumping their customers into single buckets, rather than utilizing data to deliver an individualized, personal experience. This can be especially problematic when dealing with a product that requires a personalized approach.

For Al-Monitor, a digital-only media platform that specializes in reporting and analyzing news from the Middle East, personalization is the bedrock of their business model. They needed every visitor that came to their site to receive a personalized view of content that was of interest to them. Anything less was unacceptable. 


The stack

jExperience empowers marketers to test, fine-tune, and optimize experiences – and comes complete with the built-in customer data platform (jCustomer) and industry-leading content management (jContent).  jExperience provides analytics, segmentation, and A/B testing along with robust personalization features to deliver one-to-one customer experiences. Utilizing customer data and an active feedback loop, jExperience centralizes and leverages all of your customer data to optimize conversion rates while evaluating and improving processes. 

In Al-Monitor’s case, this proved invaluable. Their website needed to deliver content that spanned everything from articles to images to videos, while also managing regional landing pages. Personalization would have to deliver an always-updating list of top stories for each region, trending articles, and recommendations that would appear both on-site and via customized newsletters.  And it needed to remember what articles people had already read, across all channels.


Al-Monitor’s goal was to create a cohesive marketing experience. By bringing in Jahia early and working alongside them to develop a custom project built for their needs, Al-Monitor now delivers personalized content produced by over 160 authors, contributors, reporters and editors, all from one centralized platform. Al-Monitor marketers act independently from IT, and are able make changes as soon as they are needed. 



“Al-Monitor readers can be driven towards additional personalized content that corresponds…to what they have already accessed. This data follows our customers where they go, so it’s a consistent experience whether they are getting these recommendations in their inbox or on the website or both. And if a change takes place on one, that change is immediately reflected on the other.”
Valérie Voci, Head of Digital, Al-Monitor
  • Unified, continuous customer experience across channels
  • Fully stackable
  • Increased engagement & conversion
  • High ease-of-use
  • Empowered marketers and authors