"Open-source companies are always looking for ways to encourage outside contributions: Jahia may have stumbled upon a winning strategy.”  
~ Matt Assay, VP Strategy at MongoDB and CNET Contributor

We are committed to maintaining the relationships we have with our Partners and Customers over time.

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Unity Program

Our Open Source Collaborative Development Model

As our open source collaborative development model, the Unity Program gives our customers the opportunity to  contribute to our software and influence our product roadmap.

Collaborative development means that, when we identify a functionality that is missing for a project or multiple projects, the implementation of that functionality will be co-funded by Jahia and the common parts built by Jahia (that are not client- or project-specific) will be supported and maintained by Jahia in future versions (at no additional cost for the customer).

For Implementation Partners, as another example, who want to extend our product suite by contributing new modules or specific Apps, we will support those efforts and make them available on our App Store – even on a paid basis. 

Partner Highlights


Marketo PartnershipOptimizing marketing automation for unified engagement

Industry-leading marketing software designed to help marketers in Jahia customer enterprises to develop long-term, engaged customer relationships from acquisition to advocacy. PartnershipBringing human translation services to Jahia customers

The world’s largest privately held provider of language services and translation-related technologies now helps Jahia customers with their multi-language websites.

IubendaDelivering seamless online data privacy compliance

The world’s premier provider of online privacy and cookie compliance for digital enterprises helps Jahia customers comply with dynamic regulations and assure transparency in data practices.


Our Alliances team is available to define and market a joint solution with you. 

If your organization handles technical integration or implementation, or offers a technology that can support our customers, we want to hear from you!

Please use the form to give us a little background to have a conversation.
(Note: this is a no-obligation call; it is a way to begin exploring our potential mutual fit.)


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