Get Ready for the New Personal Data Economy

Discover how digital enterprise is moving from data collection and exploitation to protecting and respecting personal data - and what that means for your business

Since recovering from the .com crash at the beginning of the millennium – and especially in the last ten years of big data excitement and hype – the economics of the internet and of digital business have followed Tim O’Reilly’s simple dictum: “The guy with the most data wins.”

However, social, economic and regulatory dynamics, some of which have been at work and gaining momentum for decades, are about to force (and enforce) a fundamental shift. This shift will require companies to rethink not only their data policies and practices but also the basic nature of their relationship with prospects and customers – and how they encourage the former to become the latter.

It means collecting, processing, managing, storing and disposing of personal data in fundamentally different ways, which will require new technology designs and components as well as new alliances between CIOs, CMOs and others.

In this report written by Digital Clarity Group, you will:

  • examine the signs and symptoms of this transition,
  • analyze how it changes established business practices, and,
  • explore the deep and wide-ranging implications of putting people (back) in charge of their own data.

The new slogan for business success? “The one who is most trusted with data wins.”

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