Elevate Your Horizontal Portal to a Digital Experience Platform

While enterprise portals remain in demand, the horizontal portal software market has grown stagnant. Application leaders must look beyond traditional portal frameworks to digital experience platforms as the foundation of their digital initiatives.


  • Application Leaders Must Transform Horizontal Portals Into DXPs to Meet Digital Business Demands
  • Evaluate Horizontal Portal Providers Based on Their Ability to Serve as a Foundation of Your DXP
  • Recommendations

Jahia Digital Experience Platform, the most comprehensive on the market, unifying CMS, Portal and Customer Data.

This market recognition is paramount in Jahia’s strategy and vision. It actually confirms the fit our enterprise software platform presents to the needs of the most demanding organizations in the world by helping CIO’s and CMO’s and their teams to deliver the most sophisticated digital projects together. The unification of CMS, portal, digital marketing and commerce into a single, open Digital Experience Platform provides these organizations with the ability to scale, leverage modern or legacy apps and deliver personalized experiences to their customers around the world.

Elie Auvray, CEO, Jahia

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