jCustomer Features

Take a look at the functionalities that come with your jCustomer subscription.

List management and dynamic segmentation

Capabilities for effective lead generation.

  • Powerful conditions builder
  • Inherit other segments, use lead scoring conditions for segmentation
  • Share segments and lists across websites
  • Detailed audience counts updated in real time

Profile management, progressive profiling, scoring plans

Get to know your visitor better with each interaction.

  • Automatic profile ID generation for each new visitor detected
  • Persistent, consolidated profiles for progressive profiling
  • Overview of all profile properties, goals and interests of each visitor
  • Edit profile properties (create, classify, reorder)
  • Interest tags
  • Define scoring plans using complex conditions
  • Profile score modification
  • Reuse segmentation conditions for lead scoring
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Data collection

Collect and store all user interaction data in your integrated Apache Unomi-based CDP to build and enrich your user profiles.

  • Behavioral data (browsing history, CTAs clicked, downloads, videos watched)
  • Contextual data (location, device, age, gender, referrers)
  • Forms, searches and logins
  • Social logins (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Consent management and GDPR-related capabilities

With privacy by design, jExperience comes with all the required features to ensure compliance.

  • Consent manager – ask for and store visitor consent, declare new consent types
  • Right of access (“Download my profile” option)
  • Right to be forgotten (“Anonymize profile” option)
  • Anonymize behavioral data (“Delete and stop tracking my browsing data” option)
  • User privacy management tools (privacy manager, personalized carousel, personalized slider, “Not You” button)

Extensibility and integrations

Add functionalities, export your customer data and pull content from external sources.

  • Plug-in framework for third party data source (CRM systems, marketing automation software, business intelligence apps, DMP, analytics, flat files)
  • Native Salesforce integration to push or pull data (leads, contacts)
  • Rules engine 
  • Personalization API (headless)
  • 250+ out-of-the-box connectors
  • Import/export profiles from and to CSV files
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