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Jahia Migrations

by  sonicdeffodil »  2012/06/25 05:02


we have CMS running on Jahia 5.0.4 r19999 .At the moment we have jahia running on one Ubuntu server and MYSQL running on different Ubuntu server. We want to build two new UBUNTU with 12.4LTS and install with Jahia6.6 . my questions are how we can procede with that and how can we migrate all the database and content in to the new jahia and mysql servers.

I have currently install the jahia6.6 and mysql.  i have exported the contents from old CMS servers and imported into new jahia6.6 . I can see the imported  virtual site in the new jahia. but how do i migrate the databse from old server to new ? I guess unless i migrate the DB from old myslq to new mysql , I wont be able to see the page.

any guidence would be really appreciated. Thanks


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Re: Jahia Migrations

by  faissah »  2012/06/29 20:05


As you have probably noticed. There has been tremendous changes between Jahia 5 and Jahia 6.6. In order to do so, we have totally remodeled our platform hence our content structure. This is why, unless assisted by an expert (us or a certified partner), it will probably be a little bit of work to migrate. Here is the migration process in a nutshell:
  1. Redevelop a template set matching your Jahia 5 template set
  2. Unless already present the Jahia default modules, you will have to create your custom modules matching the ones used in your Jahia 5 website
  3. The final step is the data migration. A smooth way to do it is to use Jahia REST API. Providing the right data mapping, you can develop a script that will import your Jahia 5 content in 6.6 using the REST API.
However, if your project deals with a large amount of data, you may want to look at Enterprise Jahia. We provide a Certified Migration Program - that comes with a free content migration - for Enterprise subscribers.
Hope this will help,


Fabrice  (faissah)

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