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ERROR JahiaPreferencesJCRProvider,

by  chumtp »  2011/06/07 20:56

Jahia 6.0.0 r25203

In file Log :

ERROR [http-9090-4] JahiaPreferencesJCRProvider, org.jahia.services.preferences.impl.JahiaPreferencesJCRProvider: InvalidQueryException ---> [content/users/01881922w/preferences/org.jahia.preferences.provider.toolbar/preference[(@name='bookmarks') and (@type='org.jahia.toolbar.bookmarks')]] is not valid.

javax.jcr.query.InvalidQueryException: Encountered "/" at line 1, column 34.
Was expecting one of:
<IntegerLiteral> ..."

Could help me, thank you


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Re: ERROR JahiaPreferencesJCRProvider,

by  pap@commaro.com »  2011/06/07 20:56


this is a bug in Jahia which was present in the release you are using. The problem is that xpath does not allow names that start with a digit, like you do with the username -> 01881922w. 

The solution is to properly encode the query. You can either switch to a newer Jahia release, or if you can recompile from source and want to just provide a quick patch, you can modify 


and change the line

return "content/users/" + principalName + "/preferences/";
return "content/users/" + org.apache.jackrabbit.util.ISO9075.encode(principalName) + "/preferences/";

and also change this line

StringBuffer prefPath = new StringBuffer(encodeXPath(xpathNode));


StringBuffer prefPath = new StringBuffer(xpathNode);


Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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