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workflow documentation

by  ade »  2013/03/14 16:18

I'm developing a module that needs to leverage advanced business Processes with jBPM.

I strived to get information about how to reuse the existing APIs in Jahia that enable simple interaction with BPM engine and how the view mapping mechanism works (between the jpdl definition file and the Jahia Nodes, like pages).

Could it be possible to extend the existing documentation around the use of the workflow for developers ?


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Re: workflow documentation

by  shuber »  2013/12/08 14:44

Hello Ade,

This is a good question. For the moment there is no solid documentation and we have had very few requests about this, as most people simply look at the existing workflow implementation as a basis for examples.

In Jahia 7 we have upgraded to jBPM 6 so normally the code should be easier to understand and there should be a lot more documentation on the jBPM side as in version 4 (used in Jahia 6.6 and older) there wasn't that much.

Best regards,

  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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