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template with variable

by  obayok »  2012/10/03 14:04

Hi all!

In my project i need to create a lot different pages with list, pages are equals but not a list. And now i have a lot templates where i change just nodeType of list.

I want to know maybe it is possible to have just 1 template and when we create page set the variable with nodeType? If it is possible, how can i do it?




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Re: template with variable

by  dsaulnier »  2012/11/06 15:25



If your list is specific to a page, it should not be defined in the studio but in edit mode.

The purpose of the templates is factorizing what is common between server pages, which will share the same template. But when a content is specific to a page, usually you just create it in this page, from the edit mode. So, you could define one templates, shared by your pages. This templates defines an area that will be available for each of those pages. But inside, using some list component, you can create a sublist that will be different on each page.




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