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Save as my portal component

by  Save as my portal component »  2014/04/25 08:23

What is "Save as my portal component"?

Save as my portal component
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Re: Save as my portal component

by  faissah »  2014/06/27 19:38


"Save as my portal" is available once you have deployed the Jahiapp "My portal". It allows you to save some piece of content in order to reuse it in your personnal portal.

Once you have saved some piece of content as my portal component, a pop-up will provide you with the following instructions: "Your component will be available for My Portal users only after publication. To proceed, go to the Content Tab of the Selector, select System Site > Content > My Portal Component, select the component you want to publish in the lower tab then publish it (use right click)."

You can now go to "My Space" and under "My portal", you saved content will be available.


Fabrice  (faissah)

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