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plans for JahiApp Wiki?

by  mda »  2011/06/07 18:03

I think it is exciting to have a wiki that uses a proper JCR backend, and providing
an alternative frontend to a greater repository.

However the JahiApp Wiki currently seems like more of a proof of concept than
a real app. It is lacking in many features such as section editing, PDF generation,
and so on. For example, it is far from the features of xwiki. I see that you are
using the render layer from xwiki but apparently nothing else?
I realize that the xwiki team itself has so far failed to abstract out their storage
layer to support JCR properly:
http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Goo ... ackontrack
So right now it isn't quite ready either.

Are there plans to produce a more mature wiki app, either in collaboration with xwiki
or not?



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Re: plans for JahiApp Wiki?

by  shuber »  2011/06/07 18:03

Hello mda,

Thank you for your interest in Jahia.

To answer your question, for the moment we are very focused on the development of the platform, in order to enable the development of applications on top of it, not only by us, but by a whole community of developers. We have started the Wiki module as an illustration of this, and have started integrating the xwiki platform mostly to be able to re-use the parsers and rendering, but for the rest it doesn't necessarily make sense to include all those features as they might be duplicated by other modules.

We, for example, also have a contribute mode that is actually easier to use than a wiki, and offers on the page editing, with or without structured restriction, integration with publishing and many other possibilities that are targeted to non-technical users.

Coming back to the wiki, based on the feedback we have, we might extend it in future versions, but until the release there are no plans to do so (we are really in the finalizing stages now). But of course any help is appreciated here and if there is a strong requirement for one (for example a client sponsoring it), it might get done faster :)

Best regards,
Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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