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New documentation available!

by  faissah »  2011/12/05 22:30


Hi everyone,

We recently provided some new documentation:

  • PDF version of existing documentation: We added a "Download the pdf version" button on most of the existing documentation. This blue button is located on the first page of the documentation, right next to the title. Some of the pdf are still missing but they will be available very soon!
  • The "module list" documentation is finally available, it took us some time to work on it as the module list evolved quite a bit but its documentation is now available.
  • Many of you requested "How-to"s documents: well, here they are! There is now 3 "How-to"s. Their links are located on the documentation landing page: 
  1. How-to use spring configurations to modify Jahia GWT Interfaces
  2. How-to use spring configurations to extend Jahia
  3. How-to use filters

Feel free to have a look and give us feedbacks.

Best Regards,

the Jahia Team

Fabrice  (faissah)

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