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JNDI only and Jetspeed Portlets

by  minimike »  2011/06/09 12:15

Hi there


Congratulations to the new Jahia 6.5 :)

I'm planing to build Jahia from Source and deploy it to Jboss 5.1. So it is possible to chose a JNDI Datasource only?

And Jahia is still based on Jetspeed? If yes, is there anywhere a documentation how to migrate and intigrate Jetspeed Portlets inside Jahia?


kind regards



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Re: JNDI only and Jetspeed Portlets

by  shuber »  2011/06/10 07:00

Hello Darko,

Thanks for the kind words on the release. We are really happy to final see it released as it is, we think, our best ever.

As to your questions : please see my answer to your post in the General section, you will need to checkout the 6_5_0_0 tag as the SVN trunk is our current development version, not the stable release.

Concerning JBoss 5.1, it is not currently officially supported, but we do support version 4.X. I think we had noticed some classloader issues with 5.1, so if you know JBoss well you might be able to get around it. If you don't absolutely need JBoss I would recommend using the provided Tomcat, as we do all our QA with this servlet container.

Yes Jahia since version 5 supports JNDI datasources, so you should be fine there.

Jahia dropped Jetspeed integration on version 6 and replaced it with the Portlet API reference implementation : Apache Pluto (which also powers Jetspeed). We have documentation on how to work with portlets with Jahia 6.5 that is still under internal review but it should be available soon in our documentation section.

In Jahia 6.5 we are also introducing a new concept : modules. These are similar to plugins and allow for much more powerful integration than with portlets. For example the forum you are now using is built as a Jahia module. I recommend you look at the documentation and examples to see what they can offer and how they work.


  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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