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it seems good and nice

by  erdem_ustun »  2011/06/07 17:54

thanks for beta version.
I wait for a long time this version.I have written some function which included this 6.5 version.
I downloaded and try this.It has lots of features which I expect and more different previous versions.
I want to ask questions .do you think to publish webcast which How to done(for example:hierarchial menu,connect ldap configuration,direct connect group from ldap for rights,workflow...).
why I want to ask Because visualization is better than article.comment.

I wrote some features which I expect
---I hope 

-6.5 version is run in weblogic,webpshere,tomcat..or any java container ,
-There are sample video about function which has done,
-There are some useful portlet(mail,to do list,task,assign task team friends..)
-There are slide menu (hierarchial)..
-There are workflow,


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Re: it seems good and nice

by  shuber »  2011/06/07 17:54

We will be working on documentation for the new features of Jahia 6.5, and some of them will be illustrated with videos. Of course this takes time and we welcome contributions from the community :)

Best regards,
Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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