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Deleting sites from jahia :(

by  satishsharma »  2013/10/16 09:34

I have created sites via jahia API's JahiaSiteBaseService. There are two sites which are not listed by jahia in web project management list but are available under edit mode list of sites , both sites are running on live mode too but I am unable to see both sites under web project management list, so that I can delete them. When I create new sites via this API mentioned above exception is comming : 

       at org.jahia.services.templates.JahiaTemplateManagerService.templatesSynchro(JahiaTemplateManagerService.java:979)
       at org.jahia.services.templates.JahiaTemplateManagerService.synchro(JahiaTemplateManagerService.java:839)
       at org.jahia.services.templates.JahiaTemplateManagerService.deployModules(JahiaTemplateManagerService.java:710)
       at org.jahia.services.sites.JahiaSitesBaseService$5.doInJCR(JahiaSitesBaseService.java:545)
       at org.jahia.services.content.JCRTemplate.doExecuteWithSystemSession(JCRTemplate.java:178)
       at org.jahia.services.content.JCRTemplate.doExecuteWithSystemSession(JCRTemplate.java:113)
       at org.jahia.services.sites.JahiaSitesBaseService.addSite(JahiaSitesBaseService.java:577)
       at org.jahia.services.sites.JahiaSitesBaseService.addSite(JahiaSitesBaseService.java:445)
       at org.jahia.services.sites.JahiaSitesBaseService.addSite(JahiaSitesBaseService.java:438)
       at com.certain.jahia.actions.CreateSiteAction.doExecute(CreateSiteAction.java:94)

I think this exception is caused by both that sites that are created but not listed by jahia under its web -project-management listings. How can I remove both these sites from jahia without re-installation.

Every help is appreciated. Thanks in advance :(



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Re: Deleting sites from jahia :(

by  faissah »  2013/11/26 14:48


You could try to delete the site nodes using the JCR Browser of Jahia Tools (url is "/tools"). Using the JCR Broswer, delete the site both in live mode and edit mode. But at this point a re-installation would be a better option.


Fabrice  (faissah)

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