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Creating a first web site with Jahia

by  dwschulze »  2011/06/07 17:55

I installed Jahia xCM CE 6.5 beta. It looks impressive, but very unintuitive. The docs don't correspond to what I'm seeing when I login to Jahia 6.5 CE. Maybe they are for version 6.0.

I cannot figure out how to create a simple web site. The docs and the videos on the web site assume that you are working with the DemoPack which already has an application. The docs say "Creating Your First Site with Jahia EE v6" in section 1.2 but on the next page it says Go to the "About us" section. If you haven't created a web site you don't have an "About us" section. Then on the next page they show "Acme in Brief" which is the Demo application.

The doc writers were very confused.

How do I go about creating a simple web site with Jahia 6.5?




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Re: Creating a first web site with Jahia

by  ludovicc »  2011/06/07 17:55

I've got the same questions: how do you get started and create a new web site in Jahia 6.5.
I have seen that you can create a web site from a template using the admin interface, but that is not enough for my needs. My first issue is that the templates provided don't fit the needs of my site, so I would like some explanation about how to create a new set of templates, what should I put in them, and how can I modify the layout and add some custom CSS stylesheets. Then how do you proceed from this new set of templates and create a new web site, how can you organize the navigation, setup security and many other things.
The components provided look powerful as well, but again some information about what they provide and how to use them would be nice. I would expect the editor to provide at least a description of the component once you select it, the icons and the names are not so useful (what is the difference between a Banner and a Teaser? What is the Main Content for? What can you do with an Area, an Absolute Area, a Main resource display?)


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Re: Creating a first web site with Jahia

by  tyurk »  2011/06/07 17:55

I'm not sure there's a quick answer to all those questions, but maybe I can address some of the basic issues. (And I should note that we are dealing with beta software and that I must concur that the documentation is, for the moment, sorely lacking. Nevertheless, the software is indeed impressive and quite powerful once you get the hang of it).

To start with, creating a new virtual site can in fact be done through the admin interface (Virtual sites management > Add a new site). You will be able to select a template set to use during the workflow.

As for modifying template sets, use the studio mode (note that the 6.5 beta build has a broken link when trying to access the studio from the admin interface). You can duplicate an existing set or modify one depending on your preference. When you're happy with the templates or want to test them, deploy to the site you've created and switch to edit mode. (again, beta version, expect some minor bugs such as with the pagepicker...)

Template sets are, to a large extent, just another module. Basically, you need to override (provide) an html implementation of jnt_template (no additional content definition required, however) and the css files. Take a look at the web templates and web templates blue implementations under the tomcat/webapps/ROOT(if you haven't changed this)/modules/templates-web (or templates-web-blue)/jnt_template/html/template.(view).jsp. You'll note the resource imports. These refer to the module's root/css,scripts,etc directories. You can modify, replace, add, etc to these css files to obtain the desired web layout.

As for the modules you asked about, banner vs teaser? no idea, haven't experimented with those. Main Content is basically just a structured content that contains a bigText field, a title and some other basics. Check out the content definitions for the details... An Area is a container for content modules (for example, you can place a banner or teaser inside an Area). They can contain any number of items. Absolute areas are linked to a specific page or a page "level" and their content is only defined on that page or at that level and then copied to all other instances of the Absolute area (for example, you could define an area for the site logo and add an Image Reference to that area. Then, whatever page has that absolute area will show the same logo added to, say, the home page). A main resource display serves to display the appropriate subcontent view for a content item. See the demo site News section for an example of this (well, actually the templates-web-blue News template and the News-content template). Check out the properties of different elements, including pages, templates (page and content) and the areas to get a feel for how they fit together.

Sorry if this answer doesn't get to all the points, but I think that would take a book (and I'm too busy exploring Jahia to write one ;) ) Anyhow, hope it helps though.




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