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Changing the URL of a content object

by  zeynabtalebpour »  2013/08/21 15:06


I have a problem with changing the URL for some jahia content objects. I need to move some objects from a directory to another one. I copied the node first, pasted it in the appropriate place and deleted the old one. But the URL has changed for example x.y.ch/T/mynode has changed to x.y.ch/T/mynode_1. I need to change it back to its old URL since I have other pages having links to the initial content object.

Also if I want to change the URL of this object to x.y.ch/K/mynode but use exactly the same content object how can I do this? The reason for this is that I want the new URL to reflect the new path to a different directory while using the same content object.

I guess to maintain all the hyperlinks to the old  x.y.ch/T/mynode working I need to somehow have a link there to redirect people to the new x.y.ch/K/mynode.

Thanks a lot for your help



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Re: Changing the URL of a content object

by  faissah »  2013/09/11 21:23


Jahia provides a vanity URL feature:

Edit the content that you moved. Under the SEO tab, you can provide a vanity URL to your content. That way, your content will keep the same URL even if you moved it in your website. In your case, you can set the previous URL of your content as its vanity URL.



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