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[Jahia 6.1.0] Multiple choice with bigText field

by  pilak »  2011/11/23 14:44


We have a big trouble in production.

Our users are realizing that it is not possible to increase the number of choices in a field of contribution smallText multiple choice. This field is powered by an initializer that retrieves titles. The more there are pages, the more there are choices.

We have tried to change it to bigText multiple, but jahia truncates the choices to 256 characters and launches a constraint of "matching".

Questions because of this:

- Is it possible to do multiple-choice with real bigText field ?

- Should we reinstall the site / the Jahia, if we change the type of smallText to bigText?

- Do you have other alternatives for us?



Our env : Jahia 6.1.0, Tomcat 6, MySql 5.5


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Re: [Jahia 6.1.0] Multiple choice with bigText field

by  pilak »  2011/12/08 18:24


I answer myself as the problem is solved.

It's possible since version to increase smallText field size



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