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How to create templatesSet in Jahia 7

by  How to create templatesSet in Jahia 7 »  2014/06/02 02:54

I cannot find any resources about creating templatesSet in Jahia7. Does anyone know how to templatesSet in Jahia7?


Thank you.

How to create templatesSet in Jahia 7
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Re: How to create templatesSet in Jahia 7

by  dgriffon »  2014/06/02 06:17


From the studio, when you create a new module, a form let you choose the type of module you want to create. 

Please have a look to http://www.jahia.com/documentation-and-downloads/developers-documentation/academy-video-tutorials

The first video shows how to create a module.

To create a templates Set choose "templates set" instead of "module" in the combo that let you choose the typeof module  you want to create (in the first video, around 1''40)



David Griffon (dgriffon)

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