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How do I do sub-templates?

by  gs »  2014/04/28 02:29

I have a typical use case: I need to implement level1 and level 2 page templates, with common header, footer and navigation, but with different layouts and contents for main content sections.

The primary difference from the video tutorials is that I cannot use the visual designer to do layout as the HTML markups are done by a third-party web designer and I cannot change the structure of the HTML codes. The CSS is customised and does not use any CSS frameworks.

One solution I can think of is to implement the header, footer, navigation, level 1 content, level 2 content, etc as individual modules that I can "drop" into the page using the Studio design tool, thereby preserving the original markup. But it seems overkill to implement entire modules when I just want sub-templates, or is this in fact the correct way? Also, I'm not sure if there are any caching-related issues this way.

Another way I found is to implement them as alternative views of the same main template. I used a <template:include> to bring in another view (e.g. "subview", which includes some static text and a <template:area>. I found that this works when I did not specify a view - I can activate the area and add content to it. However, when I specified "subview" as the view for the page template, the area doesn't even appear. Is this a bug or is this the intended behaviour?



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