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Unable to edit child component

by  ospeiser »  2012/04/03 09:55


i've added a component which contains childnodes. The child nodes can be added in Edit Mode. So the component acts as a sort of container for them.

The component is rendering itself through a view. The child nodes are components of their own, which possess their own view. This view is used inside

the parent component through the <template:module> Tag. Normally this would result in the fact that the child components are rendered throught their

own view and that it is possible to to edit them by right click -> edit through the context menu of the jahia edit mode.

Oddly this didn't seem to work in this case. Are their any special conditions that must be met that a child node is marked as editable?



I know that their is the flag "editable=true" for the <template:module> Tag. It's set to true.


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Re: Unable to edit child component

by  shuber »  2012/04/26 18:21

Hello, Could you post your definitions and also indicate which version of Jahia you are using ? Best regards, Serge Huber

Serge Huber (shuber)

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