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Simple text editor for bigtext field

by  xvik »  2011/06/07 20:42


Jahia by default loads FCK editor for bigText fields.
Is it possible to set simple text editor for bigText field?

I hope there should be simple parameter for cnd, e.g.
bigText text (simpletext)


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Re: Simple text editor for bigtext field

by  pap@commaro.com »  2011/06/07 20:42




what you suggest should be possible only if you do some code changes in Jahia. As far as I know, there is no default "simpletext" selector implemented and the selectors can also not be extended by configuration.


But you could try a different approach. If simpletext editor needs to be the default editor for ALL bigtext fields in your site, then you could edit WEB-INF\etc\htmleditors\htmleditors_config.xml and simply change the order and the <rank> setting of the editors. The one with rank=1 should be the default one.


If you want to display the simpletext editor just for certain bigtext fields, you could solve it with an event-listener. For instance you could create a file called eventlistener.jsp and place it in the root folder of your templates.


The following example sets "simpletext" as default editor for all bigtext fields in containers with definition name: "web_templates_home_columnB_box_textContainer" . You can modify this check, so that it fits your needs.

<%@ page contentType="text/html" language="java" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.content.*" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.data.*" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.data.containers.*" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.data.events.*" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.data.fields.*" %>

<%@ page import="org.jahia.params.*" %>


   String eventName = (String) request.getAttribute("eventName");

   JahiaEvent jahiaEvent = (JahiaEvent) request.getAttribute("jahiaEvent");

   JahiaData jahiaData = jahiaEvent.getJahiaData() != null ? jahiaEvent.getJahiaData() : null;

   ProcessingContext jParams = jahiaEvent.getProcessingContext();


   if ("addContainerEngineAfterInit".equals(eventName) || "updateContainerEngineAfterInit".equals(eventName)) {

       JahiaContainer theContainer = (JahiaContainer)jahiaEvent.getObject();

       if ( "web_templates_home_columnB_box_textContainer".equals(theContainer.getDefinition().getName()) ) {

           jParams.setParameter("htmlEditor", "simpletext");






Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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