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Publish in different language

by  rto@worldsourcewealth.com »  2017/09/05 16:10


I want to publish a page with French Translation as well as English. The default language is English. The content inisde the content-container area could be shown French translation in Live mode. 

But for the nagivation bar, it shows "<!-- Module error : javax.el.ELException: javax.jcr.ItemNotFoundException: javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: This node doesn&#39;t exist in this language /sites/wfm_site/home-->

And it coudn't show the content inside the  absolute area at the footer.

Please help



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Re: Publish in different language

by  wassek »  2017/09/06 05:58

Hi Ray,


It seems your node doesn't contain a french translation node. Means a subnode "j:translation_fr" onder the specific node. Can you check this? If this one not exists you have to create it. You can do that in edit mode when you update the content in french and add missing fields.



Werner Assek (wassek)

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