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Problem with Jahia Source Code

by  yfarrahe »  2011/11/11 16:26

first sorry for my bad english, but i try to describe my Problem: i had builded and compiled jahia source code from svn-trunk in eclipse and i deployed them in an tomcat instance, but if i click on the Web project mangement button to create a new web-project (new site), i get a page without tabs and without demo project (I get this message: No templates set has been deployed). What is wrong? if i installed jahia with the installer, denn i have no problem. can some one said me what is the problem.   Please show the screenshot, that i had attached with this message. Thank you for your help D:\Projekte\jahia-dev\Jahia-Problem.jpg  

ps: i get in the eclipse by following Projects (assets, contribute, default, facets, jahia-test-module-war, jahia-war, profile, search, skins, tags) some code-failure: for instance by assets-project i get code failure in file src->webapp->javascript->jquery.min.js


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Re: Problem with Jahia Source Code

by  shuber »  2011/11/14 10:35

I have answered your question in the other thread : 


Best regards,

  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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