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page no. in search result

by  rto@worldsourcewealth.com »  2017/09/05 16:13


How to add page no./pagination in the search-result component? I'm using the DX Base Demo template for reference. But it only lists all the results in one page. I coudn't find any documation about it. 




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Re: page no. in search result

by  wassek »  2017/09/06 05:55

Hi Ray,


In the jahia default module is a pager type. You can add this pager type in the top and/or on the bottom of a list (in some older jahia versions it is needed to have the pager on top of the list). After that you have to bind this pager to the related list. And the pager should work with the values which you entered when you add the pager.


best regards


Werner Assek (wassek)

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