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Job and emails

by  ahmadyounis »  2012/10/03 12:20

Good Day all

I would like to ask where we should set the email address of the submitted job form that will receive the job application, and what to do if we would like to insert file in the submitted application.

thanks a lot indeed


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Re: Job and emails

by  faissah »  2012/10/12 21:14


I'm not sure i understood your first question, could you rephrase it?

For the second one, i think you need to add a new field in jnt:jobApplication definition that would allow the user to upload a file. You should have a look at the code of the module jnt:fileUpload in order to better understand how to implement it. Note that this module is functionnaly hard to use (available in studio only) so i suggest you just to take a look at the code.



Fabrice  (faissah)

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Re: Re: Job and emails

by  ahmadyounis »  2012/10/15 07:52

Hi Fabrice and thanks for your response

In fact I would like a user to send email after selecting a job from job lists, this mail should contains information about him with his CV file attached.

I used form submitting to send mail and it is sending correctly, but my problem is sending the attached CV as attachment, when i attach a file using input type= file inside the form, the mail is comming as below:



A form of type testingEmails has been submitted with those values:

  1.  ${formDatas.get($it)}


can we handle sending files as attachments in form submitting?

or if there is a better way to handle files attachemts through mails when submmiting forms?

thanks for your precious answers in advanced.




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