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Jahia Legacy REST API Files

by  Legacy REST API »  2015/04/23 22:08

I am trying to use Jahia Legacy REST API to develop a web app and native app to take content from our Jahia installation and display bits and pieces how we want in our apps.

All is fine except for files. Take the example below of a GET request for a jnt:publication primaryNodeType. d dis What am I suppose todo with preview and file GUID strings..? I want to get the location of these files so that I can display the image (preview) and create a link to the pdf (file) that can be downloaded.

Is there a general URL that I can specifiy the GUID string to get the required file or what other steps need to be taken to find these file?

jcr_title"How Acme Space build satellites"
source"Acme Space"
author"Space Project Department"
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