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Jahia adding custom input-mask

by  satishsharma »  2013/07/17 08:48

I have created my custom template in jahia, now for a page defination in definations.cnd file I have used an input mask of boolean type, also used the resource bundle for chossing a user friendly name. now an issue arising,  that the name provided in resourse bundle file shows up at two places first as a title and second as the checkbox label, can I only have the title value from the resource bundle leaving the checkbox label as it is ?
one more thing also I want to add a static note below the check-box providing information about the check-box, how could I achieve that ? 


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Re: Jahia adding custom input-mask

by  mohitbhunwalia »  2013/07/18 14:36


You can use this. 

-title (string, choicelist) < contract1, contract2, contract3

for static choicelist and for dynamic list you should  try with :-

-title (string, choicelist[resourcebundle]) 

I think , It will work.



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