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Installation keeps hanging on garbage collection

by  mika »  2015/04/14 12:34

I'm trying to install the Enterprise version of Digital Factory (for the trial version).  So far step 26 of 27 (Perform External Processes) has taken 24 hours and is still going, extremely slowly. It's trying to install Tomcat.  After every time it runs a command, it gets stuck waiting an hour on garbage collection. I keep getting the error 

[GC (Allocation Failure) 741711K->182470K(2027264K), 0.0641754 secs]    

(with different numbers every time).

Any idea what is causing this and/or what i can do?  I am running this on a virtual machine that's running Windows Server 2008 R2  (running it on the VM just for evaluating it). Thanks.

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Re: Installation keeps hanging on garbage collection

by  pap@commaro.com »  2015/05/05 10:51


could it be that the virtual machine does not have enough physical RAM assigned, so that its memor yis swapped to disk and then performance is just too slow. The GC Allocation Failure is not an error, but a normal log. It shows that your JVM uses a heap of 2GB . You should check the RAM utilization on your Windows Server to see if the VM has enough RAM memory assigned and that it is not swapping to disk.


Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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